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Historic Preservation

Atmore is a unique city and contains buildings from the late 19th to mid-20th centuries. Most of the downtown area is considered a Historic District, check out the attached map below to see what areas are part of the district -  View a Map of Historic Areas.

The Historic Preservation Commission in the city of Atmore is responsible for issuing appropriate certificates and ensuring Atmore's historic sites are preserved.

If you have a property in a Historic District, it is important to obtain the necessary building permits if you would like to update or make any changes to the property. You can find that information here- COMING SOON.

For more information about the Historic Preservation Commission, please call 251-368-2664.

Permitting Process - Business License

If you want to start a new business in the city of Atmore, you first need to obtain the appropriate business license. More information about how to obtain a business license can be found here: Business License Application

Contact Info for Various City Departments:

  • ā€¨Planning Department | 251-368-2253 Ext. 158
  • Public Works | 251-368-4043
  • Building Inspection | 251-368-2253 Ext. 157
  • Fire Inspection | 251-368-9155

Related resources:

  • Commercial and Residential Permit Information
  • Downtown Design Guide (COMING SOON)


If you want to choose a business location in the City of Atmore, you first need to ensure that the location is zoned for your type of business. The City of Atmore Planning Department will provide some information about many types of businesses in relation to different zoning districts.

Use the zoning map to find the information you need.

  • Zoning Map- North
  • Zoning Map- South

Available Properties

For Sale

101 E Louisville Avenue

129 N Main Street

For Lease

127 S Main Street

103 E Louisville Avenue

101 E Louisville Avenue

Vacant Properties

101 S Main Street 

122 S Main Street 

110 S Main Street

106 S Main Street

126 N Main Street

124 N Main Street

302 N Main Street

108 W Ridgeley Street

106 W Ridgeley Street

301 E Ridgeley Street

109 W Louisville Avenue 

Trammel Square 

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